What I like about Smashing Magazine and what I don’t

Smashing Magazine recently asked via Twitter what their users like about them and what they could do better. Here is my roundup, in English for obvious reasons:

First of all, let me say “thank you” to the people of Smashing Mag. You have started something new in the web design community and you did a great job with that.

The good

Smashing Magazine quickly became known for being a collection of great resources and that’s also why I love it: Whenever I need some icons, brushes, fonts or whatever, I can be pretty sure to find it there. In addition, you have a beautiful collection of inspirational posts with different styles and focus. I also love the variety of the other content, such as business related tips or tutorials.

The not-so-good

Now, what quickly became a problem was that the concept was so good that it was copied by various others. Which means more of the same, right? That doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all, because it can provide a greater variety for the community. :)

But from an entrepreneurial point of view, I would say that the solution for this is not to provide more content in more frequent intervals. I even found myself reading fewer and fewer articles, because they were just too many. Sometimes I got the feeling that if I had to read all of the content thoroughly, I wouldn’t do anything else all day long! Also, the volume of some graphic-heavy articles was so big that you couldn’t even leave three of them in a tab in the background for later, because they were slowing the browser down. Apart from that, some of the content (mainly provided via Twitter) simply doesn’t cater for my interest (i.e. the ones leaning towards serious programming or the beginner’s guides).

One more thing I regret is the number of meaningless comments. I would enjoy a meaningful discussion with more of a community-feel to it, similar to what Drawar started. Maybe even providing a URL input field in the comment form would help, because we do want to know the people behind the comments.

Final thoughts

Move on from providing the same as a dozen others. I think it’s the best idea to focus on the people you want to reach and make them happy.

Hope this provides some insights. I am looking forward to seeing what direction Smashing Mag will take, and what you guys come up with in the near future!

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