Design exercise: Redesign your online banking screen

In a recent post in the Drawar forums, a new monthly design exercise series was started. The target for the first edition is to redesign the home screen of your online banking interface.

Here is my version, along with a few thoughts (find the live HTML page here – it will work decently in FF3.6 and Safari):

First of all, it’s important for me to have a quick overview of my balance. You can go directly to an account by clicking on its name. Additionally, if you hover over the table, you get some further important options to click on for each account. Don’t pay too much attention on the looks of the icons, they are only place holders and would need further improvement ;)

When I log in, I will most likely want to do one of the actions that are represented on the three buttons at the top. That’s why I want them to be quickly accessible. If you prefer other settings, you can customize your view by clicking on the top right button with the cog.

You will see some further options in the left sidebar, among them also those that are already represented somewhere else. I am aware of that, but I also think it’s important to offer several ways of doing things, based on the habits and preferences of different users.

If you have a trader’s account, you will find that stuff in a separate area which can be reached with the second tab above. Further info on the bank and services can be found in the third tab.

If you’re lost, you will find different help options at the top right.

Well, what do you think? I hope I got all the terms right in English, because I’m german :)

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